Radio in Denmark: Listening to Danish Radio Stations

Radio in Denmark is controlled by Danmarks Radio or DR. DR is authorization fee financed and anybody in Denmark who wants to watch tv or accept to the radio accept to pay this annual fee. There are affluence of stations to accept from and you do not accept to accept to those controlled by the Danish government. There are abounding absolute stations that action a array of music and talk.

If you wish to adore radio while in Denmark, who will charge to pay the authorization fee. You can pay a annual fee or every 6 months. If you do not pay, you will get a actual abundant accomplished if you get bent and they do bolt you! There are altered levels of fees. One is for radio only, one is for radio and atramentous and white tv (like who has a atramentous and white TV anymore) and the added is for radio and blush TV. Even if you use a computer to accept to the radio or watch TV, you still charge this license.

DR has 4 accessible radio stations, which are accepted as P1, P2, P3 and P4. The P stands for program, so it is Affairs 1 Radio, Affairs 2 Radio, etc.. Anniversary base has its own audible blazon of programing.

P1 is a allocution radio base with assorted guests (if you accept generally enough, they assume to echo abounding of the aforementioned guests) discussing the hot capacity of the day. The discussions are in Danish, but occasionally you will all-embracing guests. Discussions are generally actual deep, thought-provoking, analytic and controversial. Their alert admirers is not actual ample and this is not one of the a lot of accepted radio stations in Denmark.

P2 is a classical base featuring lots of classical music including alcove music, opera, applesauce and art niveau appearance music. They aswell do book reviews and some bedfellow artisan interviews. Probably the a lot of accepted of the 4 stations.

P3 specializes in accepted music including bedrock and pop music. There are aswell accepted ball shows, antic contest and alternate account bulletins.

P4 is the bounded radio stations in Denmark. There are 11 such stations and anniversary serves a altered allotment of Denmark. The 11 stations are DR Bornholm, DR Esbjerg, DR Fyn, DR Trekanten, DR København, DR Midt & Vest, DR Nordjylland, DR Nordvestsjælland, DR Sjælland, DR Syd, DR Østjylland. Anniversary name will acquaint you what arena of Denmark it serves.

P4 will address both bounded and civic news, cartage reports, accepted music and abounding of the aforementioned programs are on anniversary station.

Now do let this dissuade you from alert to radio, because there are abounding absolute stations on the punch too! Some of the added stations are Go FM, The Voice, Nova FM, Radio 1 and Radio 3, Easy FM and Radio ALFA. Again these are bounded stations are alone accessible in assertive locations of Denmark.